Blog Entry For 14/12/2012

Donation? Seriously?

I know, a new addition, so thought I'd talk a little about it.

As a student, I just manage to keep myself afloat with the odd private client. I've been a fan of Linux for some time, and love the concept of providing software free. I get joy from the idea that other developers and amateur coders might like my software or gain inspiration or ideas from my code. So, I like to keep it free where I can.

Of course, I'm a busy guy, and when I get free time I normally do client work as it pays, and I do have bills to pay like everyone else. So I figured that if people do like my software, and they are appreciative enough to donate a small amount by way of thanks, then that will allow me to free up more of my time to build larger software projects for everyone.

So, feel free to help yourself to all of my software and pay nothing, I really don't mind. It's just an option for those who like to support the free software philosophy and are happy to make a token donation. I'm aware that not everyone is in a position to do so, and that's cool.

If you enjoy my software/blog/ramblings and can't contribute financially, here are a few alternatives:

  • Drop me a line/Tweet me to say thanks
  • Got a website? Pop in a link to me, and I'll reciprocate
  • Send me suggestions for updates/improvements to my software
  • Cuddly toys (always good)
  • ...anything else you want to do

Hopefully I'll get time to build something new for you all soon. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and spread the love.

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If you found any of my software useful, please consider a small donation to help me keep my software free.
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