Blog Entry For 23/2/2014

News to Amuse - Issue 3

New job, new home, meeting new friends, travelling back to Dundee for Christmas with the family, New Year...sorry I've been rather busy lately. I promise to gather my thoughts and bring you all up to date soon. I did manage a minor facelift to the website though to make it easier to sort blog entries and, in case you didn't notice, gave my little invaders something to do.

I always have time for a laugh though, and do like to share the weird and wonderful things I stumble across on the net. After all, there's always time for amusing news...cue News to Amuse III...

ba ba, ba ba, ba ba, ba ba, ba ba ba,
ba ba, ba ba, ba ba, ba ba.....

...wish I had a trumpet...

Russians certainly don't pull any punches when they want to make their point clear! Anyone got a staple puller handy? Red Square naked nail protester faces criminal charges.

Man sues wife over ugly children and judge orders wife to pay $120,000. Oh the perils of a cheeky face lift. Rather sad though.

Wow, just wow. Of course, the only reason this wrong is health and safety! Words just, they can't, eesh. I want to be a cat. Coconutters banned.

OMG!!!! I want one. I wonder if I can get one on Amazon... Camel impressionist.

So...I'm curious as to who footed the bill for this research. It's worth a look for the cut out and keep guide that accompanies it. Number 12 is especially lazy, more commitment required there I think. Hip-o-critical Health Advice.

I shall leave you with this daft little number. Hands up those of us who have never seen an African monkey with a hangover? Let's fix that... Animals Get Wasted.

And that's all I have time for this edition. Hope you enjoyed them.

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