Blog Entry For 25/5/2014

Where we're going, we actually still need roads.

We have heard much of theoretical physics in the news in recent years, from discovering the Higgs boson to dark energy, but are we fully exploiting the science we already have a firm understanding of?

With global warming and energy consumption in everyone's minds, it's staggering how little we hear of any real, practical applications that can aid in ensuring this little blob of blue and green will still have humans on it in generations to come. No doubt much progression has been stalled by the oil greedy giants of commerce that control much of the world's economy. I think everyone can agree that our dependence on oil has to stop, and the sooner the better.

Taking on such behemoths of industry requires a product that is cheap, efficient, practical and within our current scientific means. Step up to the plate Scott and Julie Brusaw from Idaho. Their vision - a modular paving slab system that harnesses the power from the sun to power our society. Similar ideas have floated around before, however Scott and Julie have thought about every angle and have already developed a prototype that proves the concept. Imagine a world where the sun can provide ALL our energy needs without generating greenhouse gases. It seems every aspect of their product, 'Solar Roadways', has been thought about in great detail. I for one find this kickstarter exciting and hope it takes off in a big way.

Did I mention it was seriously cool? I'd love to live in a city plastered with these babies. Enough of me, check out their product yourself.


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