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em is for M (2278 views)

Today I stumbled across an article on boingboing.net that struck a chord with me for several reasons. It shows the wonderful video you see here explaining Linotype, with a fetching introductory back ... read full article
Tags: em linotype printing technology

Encryption & Deception (2263 views)

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."- Benjamin Franklin 1775. Right and wrong, legal an illegal are often temporally inc ... read full article
Tags: edward snowden nsa gchq encryption

WebEssentials, LESS and a 404 (1971 views)

I was recently playing around with a new project for work, just a simple MVC website to host some useful resources for my fellow developers. I was using the WebEssentials 2012 plugin for Visual Studio ... read full article
Tags: webessentials less 404

News to Amuse - Issue 3 (1710 views)

New job, new home, meeting new friends, travelling back to Dundee for Christmas with the family, New Year...sorry I've been rather busy lately. I promise to gather my thoughts and bring you all up to ... read full article
Tags: news to amuse 3

Where we're going, we actually still need roads. (1676 views)

We have heard much of theoretical physics in the news in recent years, from discovering the Higgs boson to dark energy, but are we fully exploiting the science we already have a firm understanding of ... read full article
Tags: solar roadways green technology science

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